Jessica Ann is a marine life artist connecting people to a moment they shared in, on or by the sea. Jessica did not choose art as much as it chose her. After years of pursuing marine biology in search of something sustainable, Jessica finally opened up to what her heart had been telling her all along. Born and raised in the Florida Keys, she was always near the ocean, whether she was on a boat, snorkeling or simply admiring from close by. Jessica finds inspiration from bright and vibrant colors of sea life below and patterns and textures from the tropical flora above.
Residing in the Florida keys with her husband and two boys, they spend their days fishing, diving and exploring; always looking for new inspiration to bring to life on canvas. Jessica is a self taught artist whose work is easily recognizable for its vibrant colors and bold, clean lines. The use of fluid acrylics and inks, along with heavy body acrylics, gives her originals texture and movement while making them simply one of a kind. Jessica stretches her own canvas giving her the ability to paint custom pieces to fit specific spaces. She also enjoys painting on live edge wood with a resin finish, which brings out the natural grain and makes her paintings very unique.


“We are huge fans of Jessica’s work! We met Jessica in Pensacola where we purchased an original. She delivered it directly to our home after the show and even helped us install it. A few weeks later we contacted her to see if she had any other pieces to compliment the one we had purchased. She was so helpful and we quickly found a piece we loved. She matched the frames and her husband built a custom box for safe shipping.”

- Melissa, Florida


“Jessica is our favorite local artist. We love following her on social media and checking out her new work at all the festivals. Over the years we’ve purchased several prints and I think we own all of her amazing fishing shirts!"
- Amanda, Key West, Florida